WordPress Security to Prevent Unauthorized Access

By | June 16, 2014

Wordpres security tips

Security online is a very big deal. As is the case with all websites, those created with WordPress must have proper security measures in place to avoid potentially costly breaches from online crooks. Aside the general security measure put in place by VBHOSTNET from the server end, there are some highly effective methods to lockdown the WordPress site to give an extra layer of security to your blog:

Protect the wp-admin folder: This ensures the files cannot be accessed by anyone else other than the owner.

Change the default user name. When initially installed, the default WordPress user name is “admin” which can and should be modified. The WP-Email Login plugin can be used to support email based usernames in the WordPress login form. Creating a strong password is recommended. Avoid common passwords such as middle names, names spelled backwards, birthdays, and phone numbers.

Careful with plugin: Not all plug are written by professional programmer, some are badly written that they may even cause resource over usage aside security breach.

Hide WordPress version. Since outdated and unpatched versions of WordPress tend to be targets for intrusions, this information should be removed from the page. Deleting the readme.html file from the installation is also recommended.

Update security keys. You can generate a new security key from this site https://api.wordpress.org/secret-key/1.1/salt/. Overwrite the default keys with the new ones in the wp-config.php file.

Always Check the PHP and database errors logs since these contain invalid queries that are constantly hitting WordPress.

There are also several plugins available that can add another layer of security to WordPress:

Exploit Scanner: This plugin is used to quickly scan WordPress files and blog posts for malicious codes. Additionally, this plug-in will detect spam links and delete them also.

WordPress Sentinel: This plugin can alert the owner when files are added, deleted, or modified in any monitored folders within your wordpress site .

WordFence Security: Compares the WordPress core files with the original files in the repository to detect any modifications. This plugin will also lock out users after unsuccessful login attempts.

In conclusion, effective WordPress security is essential to keeping your website safe from unauthorized intrusions which can result in costly aftereffects.