SSL – Secure Sockets Layer Certificates Explanation

Security of financial transactions is paramount when making online purchases as we cannot afford to loose any sensitive information to malicious fellow especially our credit/debit card details. In other for customers to be safe to purchase with your company online and your company is sure not to be compromising customer’s sensitive data, the need for… Read More »

How to manage your domain name through your Client Area

Our Client Area powered by WHMCS has several amazing features that give client control over their services and in this article, we are going to talk about how to manage domain names. As reseller for example, there are times when you need to update your domain name or even clients domain to use your own… Read More »

How to create a WordPress Blog, easy steps

Blogging is fun and a lot of youths are into this in other to share their passion for writing and information dissemination while others hope someday, they will make money from it once they attract some considerable amount of traffic. When we talk about creating a blog, the first thought that comes to mind is… Read More »

Understanding Cloud Hosting

In the past few decades, the internet has experience tremendous growth and change as web site and application is more demanding of server resource such as CPU and RAM. To be frank, a lot of web site are no longer suitable for shared hosing environment and a lot more will outgrow shared hosting environment due… Read More »

POP and IMAP email Protocols – Comparative Analysis

Electronic mail services is a very exciting and important aspect of a web hosting service. Creating one for your site is easily done with a few mouse clicks here and there. However, accessing your email through an email client (software) is a more technical thing to consider. IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol IMAP was… Read More »

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing in a simple term is the promotional activities of products/service or brands through one or more forms of electronic (digital) media. Digital marketing utilizes multiple channels such as social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and other online advertising to help brands connect with customers and analyze marketing campaigns in real time. Digital… Read More »

Basic Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  A lot of evolution have happened to the way marketing is been done on the internet. Years before now; the concept of “Internet Marketing” was used to refer to any promotional activity carried out via the Internet. The whole idea is rapidly changing and the new game changer is now “Social Media Marketing” and… Read More »

Introducing new Premium Hosting Packages

We are very excited to introduce our brand new hosting service called Premium Hosting! Our Premium web hosting plans are designed for heavy web site that requires more server resource such as RAM, CPU and more. If you want high powered web hosting service with your own dedicated RAM and CPU core without having to… Read More »

Absolute Control over your Hosting with VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server popularly know as VPS is a alternative to dedicated server, a effective way for your business to maintain an isolated environment and run custom applications which is not available on a shared hosting platform. VPS hosting is the perfect choice for any web based business that have huge traffic and bandwidth… Read More »

How to Install cPanel WHM on CentOS OS VPS

cPanel is one of the most popular web hosting control panel for Linux platform, It comes with cPanel for shared hosting service and a Web Host Manager for reseller service as well, which makes web hosting easier for you. WHM provides you root level access to your server whereas cPanel provides user level access interface… Read More »

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Web hosting Company in Nigeria

1. Web hosting is the heart and soul of all online businesses in the globe. What this actually means is that no internet business will exist without the web hosting industry. Even the big multi-million dollar companies host their website somewhere and they surely pay for such service. 2. The ultimate potential of running a… Read More »

Reducing website load on server by activating cloudflare CDN

  Web sites are constantly suspended for resources over usage specifically high CPU and Memory usage and it is not friendly for both the owner of the site and server admin as well. However CDN can help in reducing this load and make a web site work more efficiently. Cloudflare is a third party tool… Read More »

How about using Content Delivery Network with your WordPress web site

  WordPress is a dynamic content management system for publishing contents online, it uses PHP and MySQL database, to deliver dynamically-created contents. In other words, every time someone accesses some WordPress content, the data is called up from the database, processed, and displayed as an HTML page to the user. For sites that receive a… Read More »

WordPress Security to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Security online is a very big deal. As is the case with all websites, those created with WordPress must have proper security measures in place to avoid potentially costly breaches from online crooks. Aside the general security measure put in place by VBHOSTNET from the server end, there are some highly effective methods to lockdown… Read More »

Linux Web Hosting – Top Five Benefits

When it comes to the operating system for affordable web hosting solution, Linux and Windows OS are both on advantage. The truth is, both have differing strengths and weaknesses, and the service offered takes care of specific needs of online applications. However, Linux servers are extremely seductive to Internet entrepreneurs because of some of the… Read More »

How change your cPanel password

Often times client submit support request for changing their password not knowing they can do this themselves with easy. There are actually two ways to go about this: when you already have your password but you want to change it to a memorable one and when you have lost your password and cannot access your cpanel… Read More »

From The CEO – 2014 is a Promising Year…

Happy New Year once again to our valued customer for choosing us among the rest. First it will wise to thank God Almighty, the First Cause, the Immovable Mover of all things, the uncreated that created all things for his mercies, grace and strengths. It was not an easy sailing through out the year 2013… Read More »

How to Generate Full Cpanel Backup for Your Web Site

At this point in time, we wish to provide you with a means of having backups for your site since we do not currently have provision for daily or weekly backup on our web hosting servers as at this date. Nevertheless you can still make effective use of this alternative by simply doing so via… Read More »