How to Create a custom php.ini file on cPanel

At VBHOSTNET there are Global PHP settings on all server for the purpose of limiting user excessive activities and securing the entire system configuration as well. However this does not mean you cannot control some of these setting so long they don’t violate terms and conditions.


A php.ini file contains several directives for controlling PHP settings. You can set up one or multiple custom php.ini files to define how your web site functions. For example, you might have a custom file in your /home/username/public_html directory for your web site's main pages, and a separate custom file in your /home/username/public_html/images directory for your web site's image files depending on what you want to achieve.

To do this, simply


  1. Login to your cPanel with your username and password
  2. Go to file manager and open the root folder (www or public_html directory)
  3. Create a new blank file the process may vary depending on the theme of cpanel you are using, for paper_latern you can simply click on File by the top left
  4. Then create a file and name it
  5. Once created you can enter your custom settings.
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