Web Host Manager

Web Host Manager - WHM is the admin control panel for resellers and master resellers hosting accounts. Through WHM you can administer your Reseller account and all of its accounts, while master reseller account feature on the other hand make
use of plugin (Zamfoo).

From the WHM you can set up and manage accounts, monitor bandwidth and services, and much more - all aspects of web hosting are covered through Web Host Manager. You can keep track of the accounts on your server, their bandwidth, and disk space usage, and more with only an Internet connection and the click of a button.

The main screen contains a quick access to all features of the WHM manger while the left panel contains detailed access. For example when u click on Account information, you will get sub menus such as List Accounts, List Parked Domains, List Subdomains, List Suspended Accounts e.t.c which allows you to perform certain tasks based on what you really want. When you scroll through your left panel, you will discover it is an expansion of what you see on your home screen.

At this stage of mastering how to use your WHM there are some basic task that your virtually can’t do without else running your web hosting business will be useless. They included creating and managing your custom web hosting packages, creating new accounts, terminating account when client violate terms, unsuspending accounts and if you are operating master reseller account how do you create sub resellers account under you.

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